Deerfield Farms

Deerfield FarmsDeerfield Farms started in 1959 as a 93 acre corn and hog operation by Boyd Wallbrown Jr. and his wife Joan at the present site in Deerfield.  As Boyd increased his acres, he saw the need and opportunity to sell products and services to area farmers and began to build a retail business.  Through Boyd’s perseverance, innovation and willingness to take risks, the business grew into a full service country elevator, always aimed at meeting farmer’s needs.

Currently, Deerfield Farms serves area farmers in many ways; as a grain elevator, a fertilzer, seed and crop protection products retailer, and as a grain drying, storage, handling, and feeding equipment supplier.

We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by being a caring team of professionals who seek first to understand the needs of our customers and then to provide solutions as our top priority.  Whether it is a grain contract, equipment purchase, or an agronomic decision, we focus our energies and resources to partner with farmers to grow and sustain their business.