Magnolia Flouring Mill

Magnolia Flouring Mill ToursMagnolia Flouring Mills was acquired by Stark Parks in 2005. This five-story historic landmark was built in 1834 along the Sandy & Beaver Canal.  Corn meal, bird seed, animal feed, and various agricultural products are sold.  Mill products are natural and produced from local farmers.

The 12.79-acre property in downtown Magnolia includes a segment of the Sandy & Beaver Canal behind the mill, the water rights for the canal,  and Dam #6. The red wood structure is at the corner of Canal and Main Streets (Rt. 183) and will serve as a trailhead for the future Sandy & Beaver Canal Trail and the Pleasant Valley Trail, both of which were identified on Stark Parks’ Countywide Trail & Greenway Plan.

Hours of Operation
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  -  8 am to 4 pm
Saturdays   -  8 am to Noon
Closed Wednesdays & Sundays

Locally made goods available:  *Corn Meal * Shelled Corn * Animal Feed * Bird Seed * Buckwheat * Whole Wheat *

For more information on tours or programs go to: or call 330.409.8096