DalLama Acres

DalLama AcresDalLama Acres, located at 4125 Ravenna Avenue, SE, East Canton, is owned and has been operated by Dave & Lynn Schaeffer since 1983.  The farm name, DalLama Acres, originates from the Dalmatian dogs and llamas that were at the farm.

Operation of the farm first consisted of the planting and marketing of Christmas Trees.  Grave pillows, wreaths and trees are sold during the holiday season at the farm on a “you choose, we cut” basis.

Border SheepBorder Leicester and Jacob sheep were added as the first livestock, which are still the only two breeds of sheep on the farm.  Llamas and an alpaca were added in 1993.  The balance of the farm production is a hay crop.  We invite you to visit us on the farm tour and learn about the products of our farm and enjoy a day in the country.