2011 Stark County Farm Tour

The 2011 Stark County Farm Tour features four unique stops that each highlight a specific area of agriculture unique to Stark County. From a historic flouring mill to a modern biodiesel research and production facility, this year’s tour promises to be interesting, informative, and fun.

DalLama AcresDalLama Acres Farm Tour
A diverse farming operation featuring Llamas, Sheep, Dalmatians, Christmas Trees, Hay, and more. Owners Dave & Lynn Schaeffer welcome you to their farm for a day in the country learning about the diverse agricultural products they create.


Farmer's Exchange TourFarmer’s Exchange
Farmers Exchange offers over 30,000 products and services to homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts, part-time farmers, and larger farmers.  Customers can drive in, tell our employees what they need, and can sit in their vehicle and relax while we load it for them. Most customers are loaded and on they’re way in less than 3 minutes.

Magnolia Flouring Mill ToursMagnolia Flouring Mill
Magnolia Flouring Mills was acquired by Stark Parks in 2005. This five-story historic landmark was built in 1834 along the Sandy & Beaver Canal.  Corn meal, bird seed, animal feed, and various agricultural products are sold.  Mill products are natural and produced from local farmers.

Royal Lubricants
Royal lubricants is a biodiesel research and manufacturing company with a unique connection to Stark County agriculture. Biodiesel is a more efficient and cleaner burning alternative to traditional diesel. The Kenan Advantage Group’s (The KAG) G2 Diesel program resulted in a statistically significant fuel economy increase of 7.5% for those trucks fuelled with a 5% G2 Diesel blend.

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