Never Done Dairy

7233 Fohl Road, SW

Navarre, Ohio  44662

Owners: Chad & Beth Fox with sons Tom (age 5) and Clayton (age 1)

There is one full time employee – Vicky Dickerhoof.

Beth started management in 2005 of this family’s 3rd generation dairy farm.  The farm consists of 60 acres plus rental ground, which provides all of the hay and silage.  The herd is made up of 260 animals (130 milking….the rest are calves and heifers).

These milking cows produce 7,000 pounds of milk per day, which is marketed through Dairy Farmers of America and presently shipped to Superior Dairy.

The number one priority of Never Done Dairy is cow and heifer care, as well as the production of quality milk.  The Fox family works very closely with a veterinarian and a dairy nutritionist to produce a high quality product for their consumers.

Features of this stop are:

-        2008 Coverall Barn

-        2009 Heifer Pole Barn

On behalf of Never Done Dairy we welcome you and hope you enjoy this stop.

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7233 Fohl Rd Navarre, OH
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