Land O Lake Purina – Massillon Feed Plant

The Massillon Feed Plant was built and started manufacturing in the fall of 1978. The original design was made to have the capability of manufacturing 100,000 tons of finished feed per year. The product mix was 70% bulk and 30% bagged.  By the mid 1980’s the 100,000 ton plateau was realized and has been exceeded every year since with a record production of 263,000 tons in 1995.

In 2004, Land O’Lakes Purina Feed saw a need for more Ionophore free bagged tons in the eastern region and by September the decision was madeto expand and renovate the Massillon plant.  Tour Land O Lakes Purina Feed PlantApproval was given for an expansion project to construct a 30,000 square feet of warehouse, a new tower consisting of ten bins for ingredients/feed, and the installation of two new fully automated bagging lines. One would be for dry feed and one for textured (grain mixes) product.  The accuracy and consistency of the finished products now mean the first bag and the last bag of a batch of feed look the same.  In November of 2005, the total changeover for the plant became a reality. We are now able to manufacture three lines of feed for distribution, Land O’Lakes, Purina, and the Dumor line.

Massillon has continued to manufacture in excess of 140,000 tons per year through all the changes. The product mix now; however, is 75% bagged and 25% bulk.  The strength of the Massillon plant has been the dedication and tenure of its employees. The current staff of 35 includes office, hourly, and management employees consists of 16have in excess of 20 years seniority.

Even though the plant is in excess of 30 years old, the employees are proud to show off the cleanliness. We recognize if each person keeps their station and equipment clean at the end of each shift their job and the longevity of the plant has a much stronger possibility of survival.  We are proud to show off  our state-of-the-art feed manufacturing facility on this year’s Farm Bureau tour.

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